New Reviews + Interviews

Interview with Elliott Holt at Fiction Writers Review. In May, I interviewed Elliott for her excellent debut novel, YOU ARE ONE OF THEM. The circle is now complete.

Interview with Lauren Groff for Omnivoracious. Lauren’s “L. Debard and Aliette” is one of my all-time favorite short stories. Exquisite.

Interview with The Short Form, where they do these nifty author drawings and let me recommend some of my favorite short stories.

Interview with Aspen Public Radio, for their First Draft series.

Esquire has some kind words on ISLE: “A master of the short story creates seven elaborate worlds with beautiful and haunting characters at a time when it feels like most short story collections are pretty thinly plotted.”

Criminal Element says “…every story is told in such beautiful language, you don’t quite realize your heart is breaking until it’s done.”

Chamber Four November Book Radar.